Small businesses are breaking boundaries

Why Small Businesses is breaking boundaries!

Written by: Tobi Ewing

I am no business expert, but I love small business and the traction that entrepreneurs have been gaining in the past 10 to 15 years. Small businesses have really started a revolution in business. In 2014 over 90% of businesses employed 10 or less employees. This is a huge difference compared to the way business was conducted 20 years ago, where huge corporations reigned and dominated the market.

Crowdfunding, social media, venture capitalist and the ever progressing evolution of technology have completely changed the field and in many ways benefits the entrepreneur. You don’t just see this shift of power in fashion or product centered industries; we see this in music also where independent artists are dominating the radio with help from platforms like Spotify, a start up.

I think it’s important to note I write this as a corporate employee. The irony right? Fangirling over my competition?!  Despite my position in the work field I can’t help but find myself intrigued by small business and their innovative founders. Daily I find myself lost in the internet or Instagram drooling over new start ups and small businesses. I personally find myself glued to this dream, reality actually, of wholeheartedly going after your dreams, building an audience and platform, building a strategy around this dream and generating profit from this dream. Truly making your dream into a reality. Of course the phrase “be your own boss” is attractive and tempting.


Photo credit: Tarik Carroll Business owner:Zulema N. George
Photo credit: Tarik Carroll
Business owner: Zulema N. George

Importance of small business

Small businesses are important for many reasons. Small business is the somewhat the Bernie Sanders of business. Innovative, risky, direct and rebellious. Start ups and small businesses don’t blindly follow the direction of other company. They put collaboration and ideas at the forefront; it’s not just about a corporate hierarchy and playing the game. At the core it is truly about breaking barriers and offering undeniably great product.


Benefits of small business,

  1. Acquisitions with larger companies that aren’t corporations
  2. Creating a new path for your community
  3. Adding innovation to an industry
  4. Local manufacturing and development

Sold on profitable small business? rates commercial real estate, wholesale business, design and development, and e commerce as top small businesses for 2017. Small business is the engine of the economy.


Opportunities for women and minorities

Design Sponge is an online resource and small business dedicated to artists and entrepreneurs founded by Grace Bonney. Design Sponge is “your home for all things design. Updated daily with resources,ideas, projects, tips, recipes & home tours.”

Recently Bonney has created and published work of art of a book “In The Company of Women” which is a catalog style book with interviews and portraits about 100+ Artists, Makers and Entrepreneur. One of the great benefits of small business if is the opportunity of accessibility; many different levels and interest points can enter the market. Factors that previously allowed individuals to be discriminated against in a more corporate setting, do not stand a chance in the open minded and welcoming environment of small business.




Photo credit: Tarik Carroll Business owner: Jessica D'amico
Photo credit: Tarik Carroll
Business owner: Jessica D’amico

Our other partnered boutiques:

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Business owner:Xenia Viray 



Opportunities for innovation

For small businesses, start ups in particular, innovation and new ideas are imperative to survival. Beginning stages of start ups are centered around funding; selling service for profit and networking with venture capitalists for foundational funding. Due to to social media and accessibility to business tools there are low barriers to breaking into the consumer sector, but on the other hand it is just as challenging to survive in the sector. There is a new business and ambitious team every other day.

Corporate has earned its place as the traditional path in almost every industry. 15 to 20 years ago the number one goal for professionals was earn a full time position at a fortune 500 company. You accepted your days in suits, 40hr plus weeks and very little family time, business lunches and boring careers. Innovation is incredibly lucrative and small businesses have taken completed use of this.

How about we actually hear from an entrepreneur! I had the great opportunity to sit with Che Williams, founder of Barcode Candle Company on her company and the importance of small business.


Check out her interview below!


Shaná  [Ché] Williams


Barcode Candle Company/ Soy Candles (we don’t use any dyes in our wax, there are no dibutyl phthalate in our fragrance oils, we use cotton core wicks and all that is packaged in reusable mason jars.

When were you established?

Started this thing back in 2009

What city are you based in?

Brooklyn, New York

What inspired you to start your own business?

I am a creator, I love to make things. I have a very entrepreneurial spirit and believe that the only way to truly secure your footing is to have your own business. Whether small or large, if you are a creator of something and you do it well why not try your hand at turning your gift into a business.

Do you have a “day job”? If so what industry and position?

I do have a day job. I work in the fashion industry as a production manager for men’s/ women’s and children’s accessories

How do you balance your passion and day job?

It is really hard. I don’t know that I have learned to balance it yet.

Why is small business and shopping small important?

Small businesses and shopping small create opportunities on a granular/local level.

What does this mean for innovation and job creation?

Large companies don’t always have the option to innovate. Small businesses have the ability experiment and test new ideas. As for job creation, it’s simple, when small businesses are successful it creates local jobs.

What opportunities have you experienced/ see for women and minorities in the small business sector?

Opportunities are limitless!

Please check out her site!

It was an awesome experience picking the brain of a woman entrepreneur! I thought it was key what Shana said, “As for job creation, it’s simple, when small businesses are successful it creates local jobs.”

So you know what this means! We have to support businesses! Your support towards a small business can vastly change a company! It’s so necessary.

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