Maybe He’s Born With It: Manny Gutierrez is Named Maybelline’s First Male Brand Ambassador

Maybelline New York is the latest big makeup brand to tap into the rise of the “beauty boy”, appointing American YouTuber Manny Gutierrez as its first male ambassador following a similar move by its competitor CoverGirl in October.

“Thank you to Maybelline for taking a chance on me!”

In a press release, Gutierrez says he is “thrilled to be able to work with a global brand like Maybelline that is recognizing male influencer talent and is willing to shine a spotlight on it.” — via the NY Post

Gutierrez, who has a Makeup Geek eye shadow palette and an Ofra lip set named after him, is part of a new wave of “beauty boys”: male-identifying makeup artists who post bold, colourful and elaborate looks to social media and rack up millions of followers from the YouTube tutorials.

Sexy Silver Daddy NEW YEARS EVE MAKEUP TUTORIAL is now up on my channel! Link in my bio 👅👅 check it out my loves!

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Gutierrez helped launch the beauty brand’s latest release, Big Shot Mascara, along with beauty influencer Shayla Mitchell, which they announced via Instagram a couple days ago.

My most liked selfie of 2016… Halloween was badass this year! Can’t wait for this year 😏😜

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Covergirl cosmetics made headlines for their first male brand ambassador back in October. Both brands have made it their duty to include men into their lines seeing how they are becoming interested in skin care and makeup.

Congrats Manny!


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