Our Favorite 90’s Fictional Fashion Icon

Let’s go way back, back into time. The 90s was a great time for pop culture, music and sitcoms. But about fashion? Some can argue that the 90s wasn’t exactly on point. We have seen in the past couple of years 90s fashion trends have been making a comeback. Let’s take a look back at some of our favorite 90s fashion divas we love!


Hillary Banks “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”

Hillary’s fashion was fresh to death. We were fans of her body-con cocktail dresses, tailored suits and ladies-who-lunch hats.




Gina Waters “Martin”

YOU GO GIRL! Okay who didn’t love the show Martin? When she wasn’t lounging around in sweatshirts and jeans and putting up with Martin’s brash sense of humor, Gina was decked out in chic power suits and other colored-coordinated looks. Her style was unfussy and accessible. A monochromatic mix of classic cardigans, tailored blazers and loose trousers. Minimalist chic at its best.



Whitely Gilbert ” A Different World”

Whitley Gilbert sashayed across the fictional Hillman College campus in an array of fur coats, Italian leather pumps, Chanel suits and Louis Vuitton bags that always hung from her desk chair in her dorm room.



Lisa Turtle “Saved By The Bell”

She rocked signature ’80s frocks with a hint of sophistication. We’re talking acid-wash denim jackets paired with printed floral dresses, oversize earrings and brightly colored hats. There wasn’t a wild pattern, color or outfit that the show’s resident style maven couldn’t rock.




Dionne “Clueless”

AS IF!!! Dionne’s safety-pin skirt is so ’90s. And the splash of red between her plaid separates makes for a classic color scheme. Remember when we layered cropped sweaters over our camisoles every day?



Tia Landry and Tamera Campbell “Sister Sister”

Their styles were distinct yet complimented each other. Tia, the more refined twin, opted for fitted turtlenecks, button-ups and cords, while the kookier twin, Tamera, experimented with wacky, printed tights and distressed denim. From the matching floppy hats to the mid-rise jeans, the duo made us all wish we were twins.


Joan Clayton “Girlfriends”

Joan’s chic ensembles, outfit-making accessories and lush mane made it easy to look past her neurotic personality.We loved her bohemian dresses, chunky jewelry and sky-high stilettos. She wasn’t shy about bold color or prints, retro high-waisted pants, flirty A-line dresses to sleek pencil skirts. Her style was always classy and on trend.



Who is your favorite 90s fashion icon? Tell us in the comments.

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