How to Pack Light for the Holidays with Just a Carry-on

Do you pack way too much stuff when traveling home for the holidays? I’ve learned the many advantages of bringing only a carry-on: avoiding baggage fees, not having to worry about the airlines losing my luggage and being less encumbered by heavy bags while navigating to my destination. Some travelers are happy checking a bag or two, and that’s great. But for folks who want to lighten their load but don’t know how — this one’s for you.

Carry-on suitcase

Finding that perfect Carry-on can make all the difference. This Delsey Paris Luggage 21 Inch Spinner Carry-on



Button down shirt.

A button-down is one of the most versatile items you can pack in your carry-on. You can dress it up or dress it down.


Polished Blouse

I love a good blouse. You can pair it with just about anything for any occasion. Choose one that ties in a bow for the perfect feminine touch!


Turtleneck Tee

They’re the perfect under layer–if it’s freezing, you can wear one under your crewneck sweater, cardigan, or even your button down.


Ponte Pant

Ponte Pants are essentially thick, quality leggings that look much more chic and polished than regular leggings!


Dark Wash Jeans

Abosolute must have! Need I say more?


Skinny Cords

A nice alternative to jeans and are a fun way to mix up any outfit!


All Weather Boots

If you’re traveling somewhere where snow is involved, all-weather boots are pretty much a mandatory.


Over the Knee Boots

Another item that is super easy to dress up or dress down. I prefer flat OTK boots because they’re comfortable and you can wear them all-day Christmas shopping, and easily transition them to dinner or out for drinks!


Pair of Pumps

Pack a pair of heels for just in case.  Always be prepared!




This is an essential accessory and a statement piece that will keep you warm during those frigid days.


Puffer Coat

If you live in the the North East, you’ll definitely need the warmest coat in your closet. Puffer coats are the way to go!


Pajama Set

It just feels nice wearing cute and cozy pajamas when visiting friends or family.


Crewneck Sweater

This type of sweater is perfect because you can layer a lot of things underneath. Like a turtleneck or a button down shirt.



Throwing a skirt into the mix can really make your outfit look more dressier and diverse. Stick with black because, black goes with anything.077685ead8a14c0d2076fde2dcefaf9f

Small Purse

This is an essential accessory. In the event


Tote Bag

I always travel with my tote bag, because I can fit my whole life in it! I can carry all my essentials and don’t have to worry about leaving anything.


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