The Mule Shoe Trend

Mule shoes are backless shoes often closed-toe, worn by men and women. They can have high, sleek stiletto, low or chunky heels. This backless shoe style, dated way back to the 16th century got some popularity in the early 50s to late 90s and reemerged in the late 90s/early 2000s in it’s open toe form called slide and lots of designers gave the backless shoe a youthful makeover.

Growing up in the 90s, I had a pair of mule shoes but only wore them to events. I wasn’t too fond of them because i felt they were for older women. With the new improved mule shoe, I don’t see “old fashion” any more, I see stylish. There’s a style for anyone, if you think you can’t pull off mule shoe look, just try it, you never know!

Wear them with leather, faux fur, and fringe.






Classic and Chic







Take a break from pants, and pair them with a skirt.






If you’re feeling this trend, go and try it out!

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