Defining Your Personal Style.

Written by: Suze Pean

 How to Define Your Personal Style

Photo by: Tarik Carroll
Photo by: Tarik Carroll

As I think of how one defines their personal style, I realize an individual’s style is defined long before they are conscious of what it is.  In others words your personal style defines you long before you define it.

It may seem that some of us are born with our own style; born with a great eye that allows us to always pick that “right” outfit.  Some of us are able to gravitate towards the colors that make us pop and shine, while the fashion goddesses bless others with the ability to spot those special shoes no one else in the world can find. Women have that fashionista gene that enables them to gravitate towards those outfits that bring out the roundness of their hips, accentuate the arch of their back and the narrowness of their waistline.  Many of us have a knack for finding and creating their personal style. They develop a style that highlights their best features, giving the illusion of being perfect-bodied divas with the ability to distract roving eyes away from their flaws.

So How Does One Define Their Personal Style?

To define your personal style it is important to know your body shape and your proportions. It is important to know your assets and your flaws. Once you know your body type it’s essential  to understand your proportions.  Spend time studying what looks best on your physique.  Ask yourself what colors make you feel good?  What colors bring out your skin’s undertones, or matches beautifully with the color of your hair or the color of your eyes.  The final part of discovering your style is understanding which outfits fit your personality?  Although an outfit may fit you perfectly it may not suit your individuality and your lifestyle. Finally, once you have a good understanding of your body type, and your proportions etcetera, it will help you save time and money while gaining confidence.


Get to Know Your Body Type / Shape


    • Hourglass – Generally your curves are “dangerous” and proportionate. Your waistline is very defined as your bustline and full hips create a beautiful, harmonious and feminine curvature.
    • Figure Eight (Pear Shaped) – You have a gorgeous goddess-like frame. Many great assets include your bust and upper body being relatively smaller than your hips and defined waistline that creates a distinct curvature.
    • Oval (Apple) – Ample and voluptuous figure reminiscent of an ancient goddess. The waistline is fuller than your hips.
    • Rectangle – Your frame has an exceptional balance. You have proportionate shoulders, arms, breasts, hips, and balanced thighs
    • Inverted Triangle – Generally Statuesque, your breast are full as you are bless with a generous back and shoulders.The waistline can be fuller than your hips.
    • Your Body Proportions
      Are you long legged, or short busted, equally leggy and long busted, tall, short, slim, muscular, average or full figured?
    • Understand Your Body
      Think of the outfits that  look best on your body type and your body proportions.
    • Find Clothes That Reflects Your Personality
      Does your clothes match your personality? Are your clothes reflecting who you are? Are you physically and emotionally comfortable in your clothes and style?
    • Your lifestyle
      Are you a religious church goer? Do you work in a formal or casual environment? Are you a kindergarten teacher? Are you athletic or a woman who prefers classic styles? These are types of questions you should ask yourself.
    • Own your style
      Do you feel comfortable in your clothes? Do you want to show off your sexual prowess? Are you simply a jean and t-shirt girl who can make your jeans look like a million dollars with a great pair of shoes, a fabulous bag, luxurious accessories and a stunning pair of sunglasses?  Are your clothes showing the side of your personality you want to reveal to the world?
    • Know Your Colors
      Know the Colors that Compliment your complexion and make you feel good.
      Ask yourself,  “What colors bring out the undertones of my skin?” What are the colors that make your complexion pop and shine? Which colors that bring out the color in your eyes?  Or, what are the colors that brings out the highlights of your hair?
      Do you notice how many compliments you get when you wear royal blues, or engine red, or hot pink?
    • Own Your Assets and Your Flaws
      It makes no sense wishing you had someone else’s body, it’s a waste of time and energy. All shapes come with their set of problems; a woman with the most beautiful body has a flaw or two like the rest of us. No one looks good in every outfit.  Women who seem to look good in everything they wear knows how to dress their bodies; they know how to put their best foot forward with confidence and assurance.

Skills You Need To Create and Define Your Style


Photo by: Tarik Carroll
Photo by: Tarik Carroll

Pay Attention / Be Observant
Pay attention and expose yourself to different styles. Ask yourself more questions like, “Do you like girly or womanly styles; soft feminine styles or structured suits? Go window shopping or buy a few fashion magazines. Visit clothing sites and see what’s in fashion and what’s trending. Don’t forget to pay attention to accessories. Well chosen accessories can become your signature pieces and a big part of your style.

Go in your closet; the clues are all there, take notice of the articles of clothing and colors you usually choose.

Sometimes you may be lucky to know someone with a great sense of style who may have your “same” body type; you can “use” her expertise as she becomes your style mentor.

  • Be Present When You’re Defining Your Style
    Think of clothes that look great on you today, not what looked good two or five years ago. Buying a new wardrobe based on the day you lost 20 lbs in the future can be counterproductive.
  • Creativity – There’s a saying that says, “Know the rules and then break them.” It’s good to know the rules about your body shape and color scheme that compliments your complexion. Knowing which colors match with what color is a plus, however don’t be afraid to try an outfit that you would not normally choose. Use your creativity, you may be pleasantly surprised. Be adventurous while you explore and develop or define your sense of style.
  • Individuality – Try putting your own stamp on a style or an outfit. Don’t be afraid to borrow ideas from other people or from a different time or era; try mixing up different styles. Have fun with fashion, with different styles, shapes and colors; it’s all part of creating your own individual style.
  • Confidence – The Final Touch
    Confidence is an accessory; never leave home without it!  Look at yourself in the mirror, every angle is important. If need be, ask a trusted friend with a good eye for fashion to help you define and build your look.  A stylist can be a great asset, one who has really taken the time to know your likes and dislikes, one who understands who you are and knows your shape. Someone who can help you define your personal style.

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