Big, Bold, Bright colored purse to make a dull outfit pop!

Written by: Sparkle Johnson

I don’t know about you, but I own a lot of black and tan colored purses. Basically because those colors are safe and neutral and won’t clash with most of my outfits. But incorporating a big, bold and bright colored purse can make any outfit pop.

Winter Blues


But as winter starts rolling around I tend to wear more dark earthtone colors. So I like pull out my cobalt blue purse and it’s my favorite color. It’s a great way to perk  up during the dreary months and make my wardrobe come alive. And it really pairs well with black. If you like the idea of a blue or any bright colored purse, here are some ideas to wear it with.



I love corals!Try pairing with a very chic and casual outfit.

When you have nothing to wear, you can’t go wrong with an all black outfit and any bold colored purse to give your ensemble life.

My go to look for work are neutral jeans, in grey, plus a classic black blazer , flats and my blue purse makes the outfit very chic and looks effortless. Try not to wear another blue color in your outfit or it would look would too matchy-matchy, making the outfit look dated.

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